About Us

Arghyam was founded in 2005 to support sustainable water and sanitation solutions. We are a public charitable foundation based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Our work rests upon a personal endowment from Rohini Nilekani.

A vision that speaks volumes

The word “Arghyam” means “Offering” in Sanskrit. We are fulfilling our vision of ‘safe, sustainable water and sanitation for all’, by funding and partnering with like-minded individuals and organisations to design and implement transformative solutions. Arghyam designs its initiatives through the lenses of social, institutional, technical, environmental, and financial sustainability.

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    Addressing India’s water and sanitation challenges calls for innovation, the ability to absorb risk, and work towards long-term systemic change. We have worked in 22 states to address the basic water needs of all citizens, especially the vulnerable communities.
    We encourage communities to actively participate in local management of water and enable stakeholders in the ecosystem with the requisite capabilities. While our focus lies squarely on domestic water management, our projects take into account the broader issues surrounding availability of water.

Board And Advisors

Rohini Nilekani


Ananth Narayanan


Janhavi Nilekani


Sonalde Desai


Dr. Shiv Someshwar


Sunita Nadhamuni


Keshav Desiraju


Our Team

Meet the wonderful people at Arghyam who are working towards ensuring safe water and sanitation for all.

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A career at Arghyam

If you are driven to make a difference to the world, working at Arghyam can be a hugely enriching experience.

Email your resume to us at jobs@arghyam.org