Arghyam’s mission is to improve access to clean water and sanitation by fostering partnership and networks of practice that include individuals, non-government organisations, governments, and research and academic organisations. This approach promotes and sustains Arghyam’s vision of “Safe, sustainable, water and sanitation for all.”

In putting into practice its vision, Arghyam emphasises on the principles of equity, sustainability, leveraging partnerships, building capacities at various levels, empowering communities and innovation. The emphasis in our work is on the inclusion of vulnerable and marginalised communities ensuring sustainability of water availability in terms of potability, adequacy, convenience, affordability. Hence, Arghyam designs its initiatives through the lenses of social, institutional, technical, environmental, and financial sustainability.

Empowering and enabling communities to actively participate in the local management of water – conserving it, storing it and regulating it – is another key principle. In this effort, appropriate and enabling technology can serve as a powerful aide. Building required capacities at every level is an effort that applies to all players in our eco-system – starting internally within the Arghyam team, to field partners adopting a new approach, to local government functionaries.

Arghyam is an open, learning organization with emphasis on functioning in a professional and ethical manner. To maintain the quality and integrity of its work, Arghyam is selective in pursuing opportunities and synchronises the skills and capabilities of its in-house team and partners.

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