Building a Scaling Ecosystem for Natural Resource Governance through Use of Technology

Program Summary

About FES
● Works towards the ecological restoration of land and water resources, in the eco-fragile
zones of the country
● Partnered with more than 24 thousand villages across 8 states, Implemented watershed
projects in more than 2.5 lakh hectares of land, Positively impacted 1.3 crore rural people
● Developed CLART that helps the rural communities take an informed decision related to
planning water harvesting structures
● Recipient of Elinor Ostrom International Award on Collective Governance of the Commons
(2013) and many more

About the Programme
● Enable better governance and restoration of common pool resources including water
resources in 7500 villages benefitting at least 15,00,000 people
● Proposes to build the capacity of 2000 program actors (Govt functionaries) for scaled
● FES realizes that it is not feasible to reach scale through the existing model, wants to adopt
new approaches
● Poor skills and inadequate knowledge at the grassroot level hinders the proper
implementation of these programmes
● Hence, build the capacities of different stakeholders on social, institutional and technological
● Translate the knowledge and skills into action

Arghyam support to FES
● Re-imagine the CB approach in three different regions (Odisha 3500 villages, RJ 2000
villages, AP-KNK 2000 villages)
● Embed the new approach in the existing funded programmes (OLM-5 dist, ABF-2 dist, HUF-2
● Organise training sessions, provide access to atomised content, deploy PDA
● Resolve issues during implementation through guided mentoring
● Encourage peer-to-peer learning in GM sessions
● Monitor progress through dashboards