Arghyam aims to work to improve access to clean water and the provision of sanitation in a sustainable and equitable manner. Arghyam considers requests for grants to assist small, medium and large projects in India that meet its vision of safe, sustainable, water and sanitation for all.

Arghyam makes grants to NGOs, civil society organisations, research institutions and government agencies at local ,regional and national levels. To ensure effectiveness of its work, Arghyam considers grants in its focus areas, which are:

1      Water Security

2      Water Quality

3      Participatory Groundwater Management (PGWM)

4      Sanitation

5      Urban Initiatives

Grants in these areas are given to cover activities such as development or restoration of water supply and sanitation infrastructure, capacity building of communities to understand and respond to their local water and sanitation needs, research, advocacy, events, and communication.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Arghyam.  This is to inform you that our grants envelope for the financial year 2016 has been fully met, and we are not reviewing further applications at present.  Applications for the next tranche will be announced here as soon as we reopen the receipt and review process.

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