Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Arghyam.  This is to inform you that our grants envelope for the financial year 2017 has been fully met, and we are not reviewing further applications at present.  Applications for the next tranche will be announced here as soon as we reopen the receipt and review process.

Our view is that practical work and advocacy together follow a structured route that leads to change for the better – the provision of safe water and reliable sanitation in both rural and urban habitations. Arghyam ‘s partners accumulate their own data, perform their own action research and then we work in more detail with them to use the insight and learning for policy change and to guide advocacy. Wherever possible we prefer that the public goods that have been invested in by the government are used (this means the physical water and sanitation assets built for public use); in this we encourage our partners to design their ‘software’ (the training, knowledge, capacity-building) to build upon the existing public goods.

  • While Arghyam‘s strength lies in its flexibility in grant making, we follow some general criteria.
  • Arghyam looks for innovation in its projects in both rural and urban areas, while ensuring the projects are in line with Arghyam’s vision of safe, sustainable water for all.
  • Projects must ensure the principles of equal access, inclusivity and display gender sensitivity.
  • Projects that have the potential to scale by leveraging government funding.
  • Arghyam’s grant policy supports organisations which ensure social, institutional, environmental, technological and financial sustainability in their work and to the communities they work with.
  • Arghyam also occasionally funds part of expenses for workshops or conferences, training programmes, awareness creation campaigns etc. relevant to water and sanitation.
  • Arghyam does not entertain grants for corpus or for solely covering administrative costs of an organisation.
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