Aarogya Chetana

Project Summary

This project aims at  improving the health of children by ensuring the availability of safe water and sanitation facilities in government schools. The project will also help to develop appropriate management systems involving the school development and monitoring committees (SDMCs), teachers, and students for sustaining the efforts. Lessons and best practices will also be disseminated to larger audiences and relevant government authorities.


  1. Orienting all the stakeholders on water and sanitation issues in the respective schools.
  2. Developing plans of action for each school along with budget, contribution, roles and responsibilities.
  3. Consulting Gram Panchayats, Departments of Education, Health and Public Works Department to ensure their active participation.
  4. Organising monthly trainings for children on issues related to water, health, sanitation and environment.
  5. Conducting IEC activities like wall paintings, posters and name stickers and various competitions .
  6. Setting up roof rainwater harvesting structures in schools wherever feasible and repairing the existing structures to make them functional
  7. Promoting the usage of toilets/urinals, hand washing, and sharing tasks by boys & girls equally
  8. Constructing  hand wash platforms for drinking water and washing plates
  9. Providing water purification filters and water storage tanks for ensuring clean drinking water.
  10. Carrying out regular water testing and recording the status.
  11. Promoting behavioral change by health hygiene education and linking that to homes and communities.
  12. 12. Developing an operation and maintenance system in schools for the  facilities created.
  13. Organising health checkups twice a year and maintaining a database on water borne diseases.
  14. Promoting school and kitchen gardens by planting various fruit and medicinal plants as well as  trees on school premises.
  15. Arranging exposure visits of teachers and SDMC members to relevant places.
  16. Sharing the learning’s with other agencies including government departments by organising an advocacy workshop.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.