About Us

Arghyam was founded in 2005 to support sustainable water and sanitation solutions. We are a public charitable foundation based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Our work rests upon a personal endowment from Rohini Nilekani.


The word "Arghyam" means "offering" in Sanskrit. Our vision of 'safe, sustainable water all' is achieved by funding and partnering with like-minded individuals and organizations to design and implement transformative solutions. Over the last 13 years, we have built our presence in 22 states to address the issue of water security for vulnerable communities.

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    Our solutions are designed to empower communities to take decisions backed by science and evidence. There have been various successful solutions to ensure water security at reasonable scales. Yet, the problems constantly seem to outpace the solutions. There is an urgent need to look beyond our current processes and scale. We at Arghyam, believe technology is an enabler for scaling solutions and creating sustainable impacts. ForWater is a platform that re-imagines solution building and community empowerment, using the levers of knowledge and data.

Founder & Board of Trustees

Rohini Nilekani

Founder and Former Charirperson

Sunita Nadhamuni


Dr. Janhavi Nilekani


Dr. Sonalde Desai


Ananth Narayanan


Dr. C. Shambu Prasad


Kiran Anandampillai


Neelima Khetan


Our Team

Meet the wonderful people at Arghyam who are working towards ensuring safe water and sanitation for all.

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A career at Arghyam

If you are driven to make a difference to the world, working at Arghyam can be a hugely enriching experience.

Email your resume to us at jobs@arghyam.org