Building a Scaling Ecosystem for Natural Resource Governance through Use of Technology

Program Summary

About Foundation for Ecological Security (FES)
FES works towards the ecological restoration of land and water resources, in the eco-fragile
zones of the country. It has partnered with more than 24 thousand villages across 8 states, implemented watershed projects in more than 2.5 lakh hectares of land, and positively impacted 1.3 crore rural people. FES also developed  Composite Land Assessment and Restoration Tool (CLART) that helps the rural communities take an informed decision related to planning water harvesting structures and is now being tried out by several large scale programs of the government and NGOs.

FES is a recipient of Elinor Ostrom International Award on Collective Governance of the Commons
(2013) and many more awards.

About the Programme
Through Prakriti Karyashala model, the program aims to enable better governance and restoration of common-pool resources including water resources in 7500 villages benefitting at least 15,00,000 people.
It proposes to build the capacity of 2000 program actors, including government functionaries, to create impact at scale.

After realizing that it is not feasible to work at scale without pivoting their existing approach, FES has ventured into the journey of re-imagining capacity building in their programs and are deploying solutions to enable desired shifts.

Arghyam’s support to FES
● Re-imagine the CB approach in three different regions (Odisha 3500 villages, RJ 2000
villages, AP-KNK 2000 villages)
● Embed the new approach in the existing funded programmes (OLM-5 districts, ABF-2 districts, HUF-2
● Organise training sessions, provide access to atomised content, deploy attestation application
● Resolve issues during implementation through virtual guided mentoring model
● Encourage peer-to-peer learning in virtual mentoring sessions
● Monitor progress through dashboards