Community managed water supply systems and sanitation in rural Odisha

Project Summary

This project aims to improve the quality of life of rural communities by an experiential learning of inclusion through increased access to water and sanitation infrastructure, as well as hygiene awareness, enabling them to live with dignity. Specifically, this project will facilitate the formation of socially inclusive, gender equitable and capable village level institutions. It will enable rural communities to improve their quality of life and hygienic behaviors with improved access to proper sanitation safe drinking water facilities.


  1. Community mobilization to unite the communities in ensuring that all households will have access to identical facilities.
  2. The formation of a village committee and a corpus fund to invest in local infrastructure.
  3. Building individual facilities, including toilets, bathing rooms, and water tanks.
  4. Constructing water tanks and a water distribution system at a village level.
  5. An awareness campaign to promote behavioral change once the infrastructure is operational.
  6. Capacity-building in the areas of leadership, book-keeping, masonry, and plumbing.
  7. Linkages with governance structures to access Panchayat and local development funds.
  8. Women’s involvement, through the formation of self-help groups.
  9. Operation and maintenance.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.