Demonstration of Participatory Groundwater Management in Bhuj – A Step towards Building a Water Resilient City

Project Summary

The project aimed at mainstreaming groundwater concerns in Bhuj and integrating decentralized and community based groundwater management into the town’s planning and development. The interventions involved both social processes and technical processes. On the social front a cadre of para professionals and community representatives having knowledge on urban watershed and groundwater management was created and citizens’ action group was created to enable their participation. On the technical front a number of interventions were carried out such as demonstrating groundwater management at a decentralised level in residential areas and institutions, revival and strengthening of traditional water resources in Bhuj, and assessment and monitoring of groundwater resources in the city to manage the water resources better. A water pricing study was also taken up in order to understand the water supply scenario of Bhuj city, it’s economics, policy and regulatory framework of state and gaps and opportunities to achieve financial sustainability.


  1. Citizens’ groups at various levels – Jalstrot Sneha Samvardhan Samiti (JSSS) at the town level, 3 watershed committees, several lake committees and a Bal
  2. 6 local youth trained in groundwater management.
  3. JSSS recognised by the Municipality as a CBO for social mobilization and technical planning and implementation of various water management works. Housing societies and communities seek services of JSSS.
  4. Groundwater recharge demonstrated in 2 artisans communities, 2 housing societies and one college.
  5. Established a groundwater monitoring network consisting of 74 wells (each well represents a 300X300 metre area around it) is established for the town
  6. A study to understand investments, economics and pricing principles of drinking water in Bhuj and prospects of local water resource development
  7. Feasibility study in 35 cities across different hydrogeological zones of Gujarat to develop strategies for sustainable urban water  management.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.