Water Security

Water security, primarily involves the protection of water sources and capacitating communities on the sustainable use of water. Arghyam encourages sustainable and equitable access to water by implementing effective scientific principles.We support initiatives that prevent over-extraction of groundwater, encourage water strategy management methods such as the conjunctive use of water sources and preserve traditional water conservation systems.

Participatory Groundwater Management (PGWM)

PGWM is a collaborative program between us and our partner NGOs to build a suitable model for groundwater management. Groundwater is a common pool resource (CPR) by definition, but its management seldom reflects CPR principles. PGWM is an aquifer-based, community-centric approach that has emerged as an alternative for managing groundwater as a CPR. Arghyam launched PGWM in January 2011, with ACWADAM, ACT, WASSAN, and PSI. MPA soon joined the group after the launch. With the help of its partners, the PGWM programme highlights a community’s concerns and makes inroads into finding solutions.

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Springshed Water Management

Springs are the main source of water for about 200 million people in India. A majority of these people(80%) live in the Himalayan states and the rest in the Eastern and Western ghats. Springs feed streams and rivers and are critical to mountain ecosystems. Across the country, we are witnessing a sharp decline in both flow and quality of these once perennial and pristine sources of water. Arghyam began supporting spring-based water security work in 2007-08. While the initial emphasis of these projects was on reticulation of safe water, most partners soon found themselves addressing the question of declining spring discharge. They tackled this by using science and traditional knowledge leading to a resource-based, springshed management approach.

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