Improving agricultural livelihoods of marginalised tribal households of two blocks of Ratlam district, Madhya Pradesh, through sustainable groundwater management

Project Summary

High propensity to drought and rapid soil erosion triggered by high intensity rainfall and high wind speeds leads to sub-optimal storage of water in the Ratlam district. Through the use of watershed interventions the project was able to improve sub-surface water availability. The project also assessed utilisation potential and set up dug wells on the basis of hydro geological understanding. While keeping drinking water security as its non-negotiable focus, the interventions also helped improve agricultural productivity through sustainable groundwater management and transfer of knowledge on appropriate agricultural practices. These outcomes led to a drop in distress migration and increased drinking water and livelihood security.


  1. Water security plans were made based on hydrological mapping.
  2. Community training and awareness building workshops were conducted.
  3. People were taken on exposure visits to observe/ gain an understanding on for farmers in improved agronomic practices.
  4. Water Users Groups were formed for regulating water use and ensuring sustainable management.
  5. Rainwater harvesting structures were set up
    • Around 10 community rainwater harvesting structures were built.
    • Around two rainwater harvesting structures such as recharge pits and dug wells were revived.
  6. More than 150 open wells were constructed.
  7. More than 15 dug wells were constructed based on the location of the proper sites for new dug wells and the selection of old dug wells for renovation, based on the geo-hydrological evaluation.
  8. More than 15 hand pumps were installed to help improve access to drinking water.
  9. Around 7 farm ponds were constructed.
  10. Around 15 families were motivated to construct single pit toilets and more than five families were motivated to construct double pit toilets.
  11. More than a 100 families were motivated to construct kitchen gardens.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.