Integrated Domestic Water Management in H.D. Kote district

Project Summary

Two villages in Karnataka were selected to be developed as models for domestic water management. The project ensured integrated domestic water management, including access to piped metered water, sanitation and ensured sustainability at the source. Wastewater management through drains, soak pits and kitchen gardens was done to ensure safe disposal of waste water. EcoSan was established as an option for sanitation tried at certain scale in the project. Conjunctive water use was promoted through rooftop rainwater harvesting. Village level institutions were also strengthened through training and support.


  1. Baseline studies, hydrological mapping and water quality testing were carried out.
  2. Awareness building workshops, exposure visit and training for community and local govt. was given.
  3. Around three Water User Groups were formed.
  4. Water hardware was created partly through leveraging money, over Rs. 8 lakhs from community contributions and around 18 lakhs from government schemes.
  5. Rainwater harvesting:
    • Over 80 household rooftop rainwater harvesting structures were built.
    • Around 3 schools rooftop rainwater harvesting structures were constructed.
  6. One Bore well was dug to provide water.
  7. Piped water system was put in place through which over 370 household water connections were installed.
  8. Sanitation measures taken
    • Over 140 families were motivated to construct double pit toilets.
    • Over 165 families were motivated to construct EcoSan toilets.
    • Around 200 families were motivated to construct soak pits.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.