Integrated Domestic Water Management in Kolar district

Project Summary

MYRADA adopted a life-cycle approach to water management by adopting a three tiered approach:

  • Supply augmentation and source sustainability:  In cases where demand was greater than supply. This was done through roof water collection, increasing the capacity and improving the quality of surface water sources for domestic use and replenishing underground water sources.
  • Improving water governance: The project worked with the people and the representatives of the local government to bring in measures to ensure optimal usage of water and reduce wastage.  Measures were taken by the local government to regulate ground water abstraction. Metered water supply was introduced.
  • Ensuring equity – Water was provided to all households, with residents using multiple sources of water to feed the distribution system.

In addition to ensuring water security the project also focused on sanitation and hygiene awareness and toilet construction were promoted. Ecosan toilets were constructed with a view to promote conversion of waste to manure.


  1. Baseline studies and hydrogeological mapping was done.
  2. Training and exposure visits and other IEC activities were conducted for the community.
  3. MYRADA leveraged over Rs. 14 lakhs from the government and community contributions for toilets, pipelines and public water supply connections.
  4. Water sources were created and source sustainability ensured:
  • Over 65 household rooftop rainwater harvesting structures built.
  • Around two borewells were constructed.
  • Around two groundwater recharge structures installed.
  • Around 240 household water connections installed.

5. Several sanitation interventions were undertaken

  • Over 50 families were motivated to construct single pit toilets.
  • Over 120 families were motivated to construct Ecosan toilets.
  • Over 25 families were motivated to construct bathrooms constructed.
  • Over 65 soak pits constructed.
  • Over 25 compost pits built.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.