Integrated domestic water management in Maharashtra

Project Summary

One third of the state of Maharashtra is drought prone as it falls in the rain shadow belt and receives erratic showers. The project examined ways to enhance implementation of drinking water and sanitation projects to create an Integrated Domestic Water Management (IDWM) model for replication in villages prone to water scarcity. Watershed Organisation Trust (WOTR) worked on an integrated watersheds approach in the villages, which was useful in strengthening and protecting the water source. All community members now have access to water sources with a reported increase in water levels and availability through the year. Since the meter system has been introduced and water tariffs fixed with the involvement of the people, there is complete recovery of operation and maintenance costs. Awareness about hygiene practices and water budgeting has gone up. Water supply to all schools in the project area has also been secured and the students have been made aware of, and also practice good hygiene behavior.


  1. Through the use of IEC material and workshops awareness was generated on health and hygiene.
  2. Training on water budgeting was given to project villages.
  3. Fixed the defunct government piped water supply systems with improved systems for equitable water distribution and use.
  4. Borewell recharging was done for over 15 borewells.
  5. Recovery of Operations and Maintenance Costs through tariff collection.
  6. The project has leveraged over Rs. 150 lakh, for provision of drinking water and construction of latrines, from Bharat Nirman and Total Sanitation Campaign. Over 380 families were motivated to construct toilets and around 5 families were motivated to construct Ecosan toilets.
  7. Over 280 soak-pits and 320 kitchen gardens were constructed.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.