Integrated services for enhancing health and hygiene through rural water supply and sanitation in Chingtham village

Project Summary

Huge stress on limited water sources in Chingtham village resulted in reduced drinking water availability. The project helped improve awareness on the need for safe drinking water, health and sanitation. It also helped people access safe drinking water, with infection from contaminated water by reducing contamination from around 70% at the beginning of the project to 20% at the end.

The project also promoted appropriate sanitation technologies such as Ecosan toilets. There was also an increase in women’s involvement in planning, decision making and management of water.


  1. Baseline studies were conducted.
  2. Awareness building and staff training was undertaken among the local community.
  3. Around 3 community level bio-sand filters constructed next to existing ponds, creating universal access to safe drinking water.
  4. Around 20 rooftop rainwater harvesting were constructed. This gave households access to water and resulted in reducing the drudgery of women as stored water meant lesser trips for water collection.
  5. 15 Ecosan toilets were constructed.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.