Integrated urban resource management in Doddaballapur

Project Summary

SVARAJ has been working in Doddaballapur Taluk and the upper catchments of Arkavathi river for three years, sensitizing communities on issues of drinking water, water for irrigation and town water planning as a platform to create public understanding, to debate and take necessary action to meet the drinking water, sanitation, and water for irrigation needs of communities, and to recharge ground water in the region. This project will build on the first phase, with a specific focus on integrated urban water resource management. The goal is to increase the accessibility, availability, and affordability of safe and sustainable water supply and sanitation services among citizens through community, the municipality and other stakeholder actions.


  1. A  status report of Doddaballapur town – its people, its vision,  town water sources, water quality and usage, sanitation facility and its usage, treatment of solid and water waste  and the policy and programme/project environment within which water is managed.
  2. A baseline study of Micro watershed 1c to audit water – harvesting and use.
  3. Monitoring trends of water use and disposal at the community and town level to better understand the dimensions of the problem.
  4. Building the capacity of the local community in natural resource management.
  5. A comprehensive technical plan for Nagarakere Tank.
  6. Developing plans and models with active participation of stakeholder groups for critical components of the plan and to present workable solutions to government for full implementation.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.