Integrated water and sanitation project in two districts of Manipur

Project Summary

The project focused on providing safe  drinking water and hygienic sanitary facilities in the project area. Rainwater harvesting units were constructed for the people to achieve water security. Awareness about hygienic sanitary practices and the technology suited that area – Ecosan increased among the villagers with a resulting increase in demand for Ecosan toilets. Incidence of infection from contaminated water decreased substantially after the project. The project also focused on gender empowerment and there was an increased involvement from women in the planning and management of water and sanitation in the village.


  1. Awareness building workshops and community training was undertaken to create awareness on Ecosan and rainwater harvesting practices.
  2. A successful IEC component ensured that the people came forward to contribute Rs. 1 lakh towards the project activities.
  3. All 200 households of the Charangpat village accessed safe drinking water facilities.
    • Around 6 household rooftop rainwater harvesting structures were created.
    • Around 2 community level biosand filters were installed.
  4. Around 10 Ecosan toilets were constructed as demonstration units.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.