Mazhapolima – a community-based open well recharge programme

Project Summary

Mazhapolima was a community-based and decentralised well recharge programme. The goal was to set up a project support unit in order to recharge all open wells in the district, ensuring sustainable access to water.


  1. Recharge groundwater by feeding rainwater into open wells, ponds, and borewells.
  2. Improve drinking water availability and service level.
  3. Create an alternative sanitation model for coastal other densely-populated areas of the district.
  4. Reduce the impact of drought and consequent public spending on tanker water for water-stressed regions.
  5. Strengthen the decentralization program and the Panchayathi Raj Institutions.
  6. Generate knowledge and create a database about the local water resources.
  7. Share these models.
  8. Influence policy-making in favour of decentralized service delivery and management in the water sector.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.