Mentoring young professionals to facilitate community-led actions for improved water and sanitation in North Karnataka

Project Summary

In order to develop local leadership in the water and sanitation sector, this project will identify 4 young leaders and rigorously train and mentor them to take on and design community-led solutions to water security problems in North Karnataka. These young professionals will be exposed to developmental frameworks and live examples of development models. They will be trained in understanding the needs of communities through participatory interactions, assessing existing water and sanitation risks, identifying potential demand for safe water and sanitation, and designing participatory action plans for solving problems.


  1. Selection of young professionals, who will be interviewed and screened.
  2. Induction, consisting of classroom and field training on development approaches and models in general, participatory approaches and models in particular, understanding the sector, problem analysis tools, designing development approaches and activities, and understanding organisational models suitable  for development sector.
  3. Mentoring, in the areas of self-motivation, working beyond the project, rapport-building with the community, and unlearning professional biases.
  4. Training on six themes – groundwater management, sanitation promotion, local governance, water conservation, understanding water quality, and the use of data and technology in decision-making processes.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation every month to ascertain their ability to perform independently in the sector.
  6. Development of participatory plans by the young professionals in their chosen area of action.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.