Monitoring and documenting effects of endemic Fluorosis and results of the Sachetana project for Fluorosis mitigation

Project Summary

The Government of Karnataka and BAIF Institute of Rural Development – Karnataka (BIRD-K) engaged in finding a permanent solution for mitigation of Fluorosis in three districts of Karnataka through an initiative called ‘Sachetana’.

Arghyam added value to this effort by supporting the awareness building and monitoring aspects of the project. Community level activities to improve knowledge, awareness and practice such as action research, monitoring and documentation, were conducted. Through the combined efforts of all the stakeholders, the project succeeded in its objectives and helped reduce Fluorosis. People in the 60 project villages have access to safe drinking water and an increased awareness about different technology to access this water.


  1. Successful identification of gaps in the Government scheme and plugging these through a variety of interventions ranging from hydro geological studies to health camps. .
  2. Extensive awareness building activities conducted   in the villages ensured active community participation in the programme.
  3. Scientific studies conducted (geo-hydrological) for understanding the causes for fluorosis and assistance in effective recharge process for diluting the fluorine in underground aquifers. A mapping of fluoride affected sources was also done
  4. Rainwater harvesting
  • Data collection of rainwater harvesting water levels and usage.
  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting undertaken by households.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.