Promoting open defecation free villages in Gujarat

Project Summary

Arghyam’s partnership with Utthan began in 2008 for  sustainable capacity building and developing an institutional mechanism at the state level for safe water and sanitation across 21 villages in the state of Gujarat. Importance was given to the gender sensitivity in sanitation.

This project was a sub-set of that larger project. Here, Utthan engaged intensely with four villages to make them open defecation free. Apart from the incentive provided by the sanitation scheme, funds were also leveraged from SHGs and banks. These pilots aimed to influence the villages in the surrounding areas and promote widespread implementation of total sanitation.


  1. Training sessions conducted for the community and local govt. on construction and maintenance of sanitary facilities and public health.
  2. Around 4 Water User Associations were created to prepare village action plans.
  3. Sanitation:
    • Over 350 families were motivated to construct single pit toilets, for which over 14 lakh  was leveraged.
    • Around 135 families were motivated to construct bathroom cum toilets, for which over 6 lakhs was leveraged.
  4. Over 100 soak pits constructed to help manage waste water.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.