Promoting participatory groundwater management principles and practices in natural resource management projects

Project Summary

To improve access to water (for domestic, drinking and irrigation purposes), individuals in Andhra Pradesh, like the rest of the country, are making heavy investments in  bore wells and extracting groundwater resources.This is leading to unsustainable water resource management and pushing the farmers towards crisis.

Considering this, it is proposed that a resource centre be established for south India, which attempts to integrate groundwater-related concerns within watershed development projects. The goal will be to deepen the capacities, knowledge systems and practices in participatory groundwater management (planning, using, monitoring, and regulating water resources) in rural areas. In this project, water resource plans with a clear focus on groundwater will be developed. There is also a need to facilitate this process by creating a pool of resource persons, who could provide technical support. Necessary communications and resource materials will be developed, and support systems for conceptualisng and designing new programs and policies with a clear focus on groundwater will be evolved in South India.


  1. Developing water resource plans with a clear focus on groundwater.
  2. Developing a pool of resource persons who could integrate groundwater concerns within watershed development projects/ other natural resource management projects.
  3. Developing necessary communication/ resource material.
  4. Supporting the process of conceptualizing/ designing new programs & policies with a clear focus on groundwater.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.