Promoting safe water sanitation and hygiene practices in tribal villages of Ranchi district

Project Summary

In the rural areas of Jharkhand, infrastructure for providing safe water and effective management of human wastes is  either inadequate or missing. This project therefore aims to assess the existing water and sanitation  situation and related health risks, identifying potential demand for safe water and sanitation. It seeks to create awareness within the target population on the basic principles of health, hygiene, and safe water, ensuring a child’s right to protection and care. FXB India Suraksha will also mobilise the local youth and women’s groups to develop local leadership in the areas of water and sanitation. It will facilitate community access to related government schemes and programs, making the government more responsive to community issues and inclusive development.


  1. Situational need analysis and baseline survey in order to get a comprehensive picture of the water and sanitation situation on the ground.
  2. Action research, answering questions about simultaneous interventions and creating demand.
  3. Health and education, including camps, trainings, meetings, and mass media events at the community and government levels.
  4. Water infrastructure, including maintenance of hand-pumps, renovation of wells, and water quality testing.
  5. Sanitation, including trainings, toilet and garbage pit construction and the spraying of insecticides.
  6. Collaboration with the government for livelihoods and capacity-building.
  7. Policy advocacy, documentation, and impact evaluation.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.