Provision of safe domestic water through sustainable development and management of water sources in rural areas of East and South Sikkim

Project Summary

Sikkim is a high altitude mountain state crisscrossed by high mountains and steep river gorges. At present, the main source of water in the state is the surface and sub-surface water flows.

Challenges of water scarcity have been recurring in Sikkim in recent years. Many springs/ponds in the project sites are drying up or becoming seasonal and the discharge during the lean season is declining. The proposed project aims to address drinking and domestic water scarcity in remote habitats in  the rain shadow areas of Sikkim, including participatory planning and resource mapping, ecosystem reconstruction, and capacity building of stakeholders.


  1. Baseline survey of beneficiaries in proposed project sites.
  2. Hydro-geological assessment of water sources.
  3. Identifying important water sources and their type of land use.
  4. Documentation of traditional ecological knowledge.
  5. Identification of critical water sources for conservation based on survey and hydro geological study.
  6. Promotion of multi-purpose agro-forestry species.
  7. Spring shed development.
  8. Civil works on development of water sources.
  9. Survey and preparation of a status report on drinking water and sanitation.
  10. Capacity building activities.
  11. Training on surveys, drinking water, sanitation, health care, and barefoot engineers.
  12. Formation of a consortium of NGOs.
  13. Workshops and consultations
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.