Rainwater harvesting and water body restoration in Bodhgaya block, Gaya district

Project Summary

Depleting groundwater levels in the Gaya district were putting high stress on the agriculture-dependent communities of the region. Through the use of rainwater harvesting technologies, over the two phases of the project, Arghyam supported DISHA in reducing the vulnerability of these communities to droughts. The burden on women who previously travelled long distances to fetch water was reduced significantly by providing them easy access to water. Schools also became self-sufficient with access to harvested rainwater. Workshops conducted for members of the gram panchayat resulted in an increased awareness about rainwater and the role the community and local government play in its conservation.


Over the two phases of the project:

  1. Around 40 empowered Gram Panchayat members understood the importance of rainwater and their role in water conservation through a workshop organized by Disha.
  2. Rainwater harvesting was undertaken in project villages:
    • Around 250 households spread across 5 villages became water secure. In around 8 schools, rainwater harvesting with underground tanks of 50,000 litres capacity were constructed and managed by School committee
  3. Around twelve traditional rainwater harvesting structures were repaired and revived, resulting in water sufficiency.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.