Reviving traditional water harvesting structures and river revival in Rajasthan (Phase 1)

Project Summary

Scanty rainfall coupled with a lack of groundwater often leads to acute water scarcity in parts of Western Rajasthan. Anchored by village level institutions, Sambhaav has begun reviving traditional water harvesting systems which had benefited the local communities in the area.

One of the biggest successes of this project has been the development of community leaders and a sense of ownership over their own assets and water management. The project has helped reduce distress migration and improved the quality of life of women, who previously used to spend several hours in a day travelling long distances for availing drinking water.


  1. A successful Information, Education, Communication (IEC) component ensured that the people came forward to contribute Rs. 9 lakhs towards the project activities.
  2. Work on revival of traditional water harvesting systems was done in 30 villages.
    • Around 9 traditional rainwater harvesting structures revived.
    • Over 40 Open wells constructed.
    • Around 5 Groundwater recharge structures built.
    • Around 3 farm ponds constructed.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.