Safe drinking water supply and sanitation project for Puri district

Project Summary

Water contamination is a severe problem in Odisha with Puri being one of the districts severely affected by water quality issues such as high salinity, iron and biological contamination. This project helped increase awareness among people in affected areas of the impact of poor water quality on health. Water quality mitigation measures were undertaken to reduce the effect of water contamination. The project helped provide safe drinking water and sanitation by creating sustainable technical solutions which can be scaled by the Government of Odisha.


  1. Awareness created among the community, especially women, about the problem with water quality in hand pumps and ponds.
  2. Water quality data made available for management and analysis.
  3. Resource centre established to help prepare water quality maps and plans to help scale up the demonstrated solutions in other blocks.
  4. The project increased access to safe, sustainable water by developing water quality mitigation plans and provision of increased capacity to operate and maintain alternative water sources.
  5. Nine iron removal plants using terracotta filters installed at community hand pumps.
  6. A UV plant installed for water purification with support from the Gram Panchayat and other local elected representatives to obtain land and electricity.
  7. Household filters, provision of alternate water sources were some other measures taken to provide potable water.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.