Setting up a forum for policy dialogue by moving from understanding water conflicts to resolving conflicts

Project Summary

Water conflicts in India have now percolated to every level. They are aggravated by the relative paucity of frameworks, policies, and mechanisms to govern use of water resources. SOPPECOM currently functions as the coordinating agency for a Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts in India, which has already begun to understand, document, and disseminate the lessons that can be learned by assessing the nature of water conflict. In order to continue its work in the long-term, the Forum is moving into its second phase. This project focuses on three primary areas – conflict documentation, conflict resolution and conflict prevention. These areas have been chosen in order to achieve a better understanding of water conflicts, develop a replicable dialogue on options and processes for resolving conflicts, and mitigate the root causes of conflicts through appropriate policy and institutional frameworks.


  1. Expanding the documentation remit to include studies.
  2. The Forum will function as a repository of data, information and experience about different types of conflicts (which includes their location, issues of contention, conflicting parties, efforts at resolution, current status, etc).
  3. Try to bring together the conflicting parties for dialogue and take up outreach and advocacy programs.
  4. Develop a conflict resolution methodology.
  5. Get involved at the policy level and investigate options for legal mechanisms.
  6. Contribute towards institutionalization of a constitutional conflict resolution mechanism.
  7. Conduct action research leading to hands on experience.
  8. Do outreach, especially to local bodies.
  9. Learn from other initiatives and dissemination the expanding knowledge base.
  10. Organise a workshop for sharing and dissemination of the work done by the Forum during the project period.
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