Support for research on privatisation and reforms projects, policies and processes in the water sector (Phase III)

Project Summary

In Phases I and II of this project, Manthan restructured and enhanced its existing databases on water privatisation with more information, features and updates. In Phase III, Manthan will continue its efforts to monitor, study and research privatisation and reforms projects, policies and processes in the water sector in the country. The database will be maintained and further updated. The project will also include reforms checklists for several states, overviews on reforms processes in key states, and case studies of key private projects. It will involve studying the relationship between water and development across various regions and the impact of development activities on water resources. Manthan will study and advocate alternative strategies for improving water services in the country. The dissemination of information and discussion of these themes will also form an important component.


  1. The continuing and ongoing enrichment and updates of databases of private participation/PPP, reforms, hydropower, and failed private projects.
  2. Studying key private projects and water reforms in water services.
  3. Writing related case studies, reports, articles and presentations.
  4. Studying alternatives in towns and cities where cases are being built for private water supply projects or long distance water transfer projects are being implemented.
  5. A continuation of work on the Water for Development (WfD) study, with a focus on water and agriculture.
  6. Printing the research findings (case studies, articles, and booklets) in hard and soft copy.
  7. Organizing and participating in workshops, seminars, conferences, and public forums to share findings and interpretations.
*Grant amount & beneficiary figures are as per actuals for completed projects.