Strengthen the ability of the ecosystem to enable water security for 100 million people by 2023

 Water management is a dynamic and complex issue, where the problems constantly seem to be outpacing the solutions. As India’s population moves towards 1.5 billion, our ability to secure the future of our citizens hinges on our ability to secure water for them. We need an approach that addresses challenges in the water sector with speed, scale, and sustainability. 

Our work with partner organizations on the ground through projects, programs, partnerships and networks in the last 15 years has given us rich, deep learning of what works and where gaps continue to exist. Silos have to be broken; people, knowledge, and data have to become much more easy to find; monitoring has to be more real time and less resource intensive; and finally we have to enable many more people to be a part of the solution.

Our journey to build agencies of actors in the water ecosystem has started with efforts to build capacities of front-line workers or “first-mile”, which is the starting point of all water security interventions. And digital infrastructure is supporting this process by making knowledge fluid, increasing transparency, “lighting-up” assets, and increasing interactions – without placing impossible expectations on existing resources.

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Ecosystem Impact

Training sessions completed
Digital content assets left behind in the ecosystem
Topics on water security covered through training of frontline workers
Digital attestations left behind with frontline workers


Our Past Footprint And Impact

INR 49.8 Crore
total Grant Amount
States Covered
74.9 Lakh
Direct beneficiaries

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